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"Baker has written an illuminating, consumer-oriented book that sifts through some of the latest findings about the dangers of everyday chemicals."
Washington Post

"Whether we want it or not, a new pollution crisis is looming -- pollution from everyday objects entering our bodies, sometimes in potentially dangerous levels, especially for children. This is the core thesis of a powerful new book."
— Seattle Post-Intelligencer

"This is it: The book that finally chronicles the chemical invaders tainting us and the environment -- the phthalates and Bisphenol-A (BPA), the flame retardants and non-stick surfaces. And investigative journalist Nena Baker's book is enough to induce outrage."
— E - The Environmental Magazine

"Nena Baker gets her blood tests and finds out she's positive for more than three dozen substances -- including DDT (banned 36 years ago). This opens her investigation into our country's long history of better living through chemistry, and the price we're paying now."
— O - The Oprah Magazine

Listen up, America, because this is a wake-up call. The Body Toxic sheds light on the toxic threats we encounter daily in toys, clothes, cosmetics, cookware, and more. The harmful effects of everyday products on our health are staggering, and Baker's eye-opening report is essential reading."
— Ted,

by and about Nena Baker & "The Body Toxic"

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